Daniel in the lion's d
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Which Bible expat are you?

Thought I'd share something different this week. Here's a quiz for anyone who's ever lived abroad. Which Bible expat are you? Below is a quick questionnaire about your experience overseas. Each response links to one or more people from Scripture.
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Out of Egypt

Draw me out of stormy water My first breath is marked by grace Make me someone else’s daughter Heart that doesn’t match its face There is a blueprint to my heart Chase it up my family tree Peel away this royal mask Disarmed, now trace me back to Eve Fire within and it consumes me Lift my hand, in for the kill Fire before my eyes I see Instantly the world falls still Pack my bags and leave the road Suddenly I’m homeward bound Might and mercy that was showed A destiny, a new hope found Even pain it had a purpose Rejection taught me who to trust Didn't see it at the time The diamonds being formed from dust Here before this multitude Seas will part and nations fall Incongruent heart refreshed, renewed Tuned in to the celestial call