Out of Egypt

Exploring the book of Exodus at our work retreat cast Moses in a whole new light for me. I started to see his life in my life, his story in my story.

Here is my response:

Out of Egypt

Draw me out of stormy water
My first breath is marked by grace
Make me someone else’s daughter
Heart that doesn’t match its face

There is a blueprint to my heart
Chase it up my family tree
Peel away this royal mask
Disarmed, now trace me back to Eve

Fire within and it consumes me
Lift my hand, I’m in for the kill
Fire before my eyes I see
Instantly the world falls still

Pack my bags and leave the road
Suddenly I’m homeward bound
Might and mercy that was showed
A destiny, a new hope found

Even pain it had a purpose
Rejection taught me who to trust
Though it was hard to see at first
The diamonds being formed from dust

Here before this multitude
Seas will part and nations fall
Discordant heart refreshed, renewed
Attuned and awaiting the celestial call

Photo credit: Simon Matzinger.

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