2014-10-03 La Paz 01

That dress

Off the plane and into foreign arms
Heart aflame with remembered love
This greeting is polite yet cool
But you –
You and your sequined dress
Upon those hills, your hills
You lie there, beautiful
But my mind is elsewhere

I wake to your blue eyes
Your limitlessly sunny smile
You are beaming
Oh you –
You and your dust red dress
Upon those hills, your hills
You lie there, beautiful
And I’m beginning to notice

You are buzzing
You are broken and divided
You are blind to me
And I know that I will love you

Know Delay

Facebook makes me feel
connected, like
I’m no longer an island.
But I am –
an island surrounded by
so much earth
longing for the sea.
And I spit out these words
those phrases like flares
longing to be fireworks
to catch your eye
and a New Year’s kiss
and the sense that something
great is just around the corner …
Because my mind lives in a Tomorrow
that’s as rosy and golden
as Yesterday
whilst this body sits
hunched in traffic.

Today has been full of waiting.

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