Question: what do you think is my favourite part of my body?

Okay, well I don’t know how I feel about the fact that at least some of you who know me and are reading this right now are visualising me and mentally running your eyes down my body. I’m also not sure how I feel about the fact that my question was very badly phrased.

Still – take a guess.

I’ve had people say nice things about my hair, my eyes, my waist, even my (thunder) thighs. Once in high school, an English teacher I didn’t know too well very randomly said to me, “You have a beautiful neck!”.

But personally, the part of my body I love the most is none of the above.

Answer: my clavicles.


Yes, my collarbones. I think they’re elegant and sexy at the same time. I like the way they catch the light and create just the right amount of depth with the shadow they cast. I like their delicate curvature.

Wikipedia tells me a couple of remarkable things about my (and your) clavicles:

The collarbone is the first bone to begin the process of ossification (laying down of minerals onto a preformed matrix) during development of the embryo, during the fifth and sixth weeks of gestation. However, it is one of the last bones to finish ossification at about 21–25 years of age …

And there you have it, folks. Fun fact for the week. Have a good one!

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