One of the things I’ve noted is that we don’t pray all that much together, neither us four SIM missionaries between ourselves, or with the Semilla church.

Somehow, before starting as a missionary I’d wanted to be ten times more “spiritual” in coming here – and precisely in that stereotypical sense. Like it’d be a cross between a convent and a mission field or something 😛

But it hasn’t been the case. I’m craving that intense fellowship, like I thought that being openly, plainly, completely, missionaries would make us all embrace praying and Godspeak. Probably that was naive of me!

That said, it occurred to me tonight as I was reflecting, that I am happy, I’m really content. Right now, en este momento, my body and my mind may be tired, but my spirit isn’t – and often that wasn’t something I could say; before, my spirit was, by turns, impatient to serve, and weary of this life. Things have always been pretty good for me, and I’ve never been really down – but this is different. This evening I have the sense that everything has worked out, has been working out, will continue to work out, exactly as it should.

Just a mood? Still on the new missionary honeymoon, perhaps? I’ll let you know in a couple months’ time!

PS: ¡Temblor as I type! Earthquake!

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