Highlights from home

2014-04-12 Mt Coree 03

Yesterday I was reminded that my hometown is a beautiful place. We (I) mock and moan, but when you stand at a place like the summit of Mount Coree, out past the Cotter, complaining about Canberra makes you feel like a spoilt child or even a downright ungrateful one.

I got up a little after 6am and though we didn’t start the climb itself until around 8.30, the trek took us most of the day. I managed a bit of a nap in the afternoon, then it was out to the city for dinner at iPho (which definitely confirmed my recent conversion to pho). As we were studying the menu, John Butler and the other two guys in his trio wandered in for some food. Later that night, we saw them on stage.

I’d always liked their stuff without being the hugest fan, even after having seen them live twice before – but yesterday I was reminded of the power and beauty of music. This piece in particular had me mesmerised:

There’s so much more I could say, just about the last week, the last fortnight; the things, the moments, all the conversations in between … I kind of want to tell you all about it! But no – let’s keep it short and sweet this time 🙂

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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