A woman paints on a canvas while a man plays guitar in the background.
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Embracing my inner artist

I have this theory: that our society tends to view being academic and being artistic as mutually exclusive.…
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The H is silent

My first name begins with a silent letter so alliteration exercises in primary school weren’t fun. “Happy Hsu-Ann”…

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How to edit your life

It’s one thing to love writing; it’s quite another to love editing. Editing is a passion I only…
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I. It’s been one of those nights when sleep escapes and in its wake these words that race,…
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2016: A return to reading

This year, I made a few resolutions, a couple of which revolved around writing. I committed to writing weekly for the novel I’ve wanted to write since I was 13, and for this blog. I also realised that it had been years since I’d been much of a reader - how I used to love it! - and that my writing was struggling to flow as a result. So I committed to reading a book a month in 2016. I’ve read 30 and will probably get a couple more in before the year is out. Setting this reading goal has helped me enjoy reading again, as well as pushing me to reflect on the kind of writer I would like to be. So for you readers out there, here are the books that impacted me this year:
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Just another earthquake?

I didn’t think much of the earthquake, to be honest. And I’m going to be very honest about this.…