Love and ashes

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Ash Wednesday! Not since 1945 have both occasions fallen on the same day. And not since ever have I cared much for either. Guess I’m just a little jaded. Today, couples make very visible shows of their affection for each other. And florists and restaurants make a killing. Today, the faithful step out of Mass with a dusty cross brushed onto their … Continue reading Love and ashes

Why Lent and I are through

After a short history of (almost) three Easters, I’m done with Lent. I observed Lent for the first time in 2012, giving up chocolate and alcohol. Last year I went one step further by staying clear of chocolate and coffee. It really was only one step further – though for many friends of mine, no coffee for a day or a week (let alone the 40 days … Continue reading Why Lent and I are through

so easy

… to forget … to be complacent … to slip back into old habits … It’s Lent season again, and I’d wanted to better last year’s effort of going without chocolate and alcohol, but I literally forgot,  because I’d been away the whole carnaval long weekend, got back Ash Wednesday (when Lent officially begins) in the evening and rushed straight to work. And have had … Continue reading so easy