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Hula hoops, goannas and the games we play

Here's a confession: I can't make eye contact with good-looking strangers. Once we're in a conversation I'm totally fine, but once I've assessed that you're a hottie I will try pretty hard not to look at you at all. Just because you're handsome doesn't mean I want you, okay? Dating and attraction is such a game - and a messy one at that. Valentine's Day and what you do or don't do is just an annual component of this game.
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Notes from a champion tickboxer

Sometimes I think I might have made a great bureaucrat. But alas, I don't like ticking boxes. And so it is that since graduating, I've given up ticking the boxes and being boxed in. Instead, I'm beating the box and I'm boxing the ticks.
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2016: Resolving me

I’m an anti-resolutionist. I’ve always been sceptical about the value of New Year’s resolutions. Occasionally I’d humour my sister…
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Still twentynothing

Almost-no-longer-twentysomething. That’s how I described myself a month ago. Since then, I’ve done some soul searching, some job searching…

Meeting Moscow

Moscow was hot and muggy when we landed. She was temperamental – at times overcast, at times sunny.…
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A good place

One of the things I’ve noted is that we don’t pray all that much together, neither us four…