New Year’s Day, 0546 hours

I dose up on adrenaline
to dull the pain of your absence
– well, of mine, I should say
since I’m the one who’s far away

Fuels me through to 0530 hours
before I feel the water round my neck
drowning in a sea of colliding bodies
of youthful fawning and clichés
realise it’s all a little sordid
that I am bruised and bored of it

Take the long way back to a bed
I can lay claim to for the day
Dawn walks me home, first time in years
a chance to get reacquainted then
she leaves me cold in the half-light
drained and with an empty tank
no adrenaline to be found
not a drop, the city dry
yet the party bubbles on outside

For a moment paradise is hell
for a moment I am alone in it
and there is no remedy
but to let myself fall into Sleep
his warm embrace
of oblivion his sweet, sweet taste

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