Thanks to the infamous Canberra winter, I think I have cold feet both physically and metaphorically.

Morning frost, snowflakes
Morning frost, snowflakes

I’ve just come off the back of a week of talking quite a lot about my upcoming Bolivia trip (not to mention Russia next week). I did some planning and made reservations for accommodation. I had my first farewell (work) and have been discussing several other ‘last catch-ups’. It’s really happening. Soon.

I’m starting to feel the weight of it. And so today I just really, really wanted to stay home.

By ‘stay home’ I mean stay in the house and not go out.

By ‘stay home’ I also mean stay in Canberra and not go overseas.

I knew leaving would be bittersweet, but this kinda surprised me. Back in 2010/2011 I was so ready to get out. This time around I haven’t been so eager, so excited – because I’ve been happy here back home. Life has been going at a pace I’m comfortable with. Everything is dandy.

I can do a lot for the Kingdom here; I see the possibilities now in a way I couldn’t back then …

I can do a lot here – but I can do more there.

Y’know, I did leave the house today. And I will leave Canberra in a month’s time – I’m sure my feet will feel a little warmer tomorrow 🙂

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