Sorry, what do you mean?

I’ve been considering whether National Sorry Day would be more or less controversial if we spoke Spanish. There are a couple of ways to say “sorry” in Spanish: Disculpa/Perdóname Literally “Excuse (me)” and “Pardon/Forgive me”. This form conveys an element of fault on the part of the speaker. A sincere apology and plea for forgiveness would use these verb forms. At the same time, perdón and disculpa are sometimes also … Continue reading Sorry, what do you mean?

Some linguistic and cultural observations

Chevre (in Spain, guay). This is what they use in Chile and Ecuador to say something is “cool”. Pelucón (in Spain, pijo/pija). Used to describe rich people, or fancy upper-class places. It can be derogatory or used sarcastically with friends. The root word is peluque, referring to those big wigs that aristocrats used to wear in the 17th/18th centuries, and pelucón was introduced into contemporary … Continue reading Some linguistic and cultural observations