return to Oz

It’s been over a month since my last blog post. Between my last post and this one, I’ve said “Adios” to Ecuador, and “Hello” (again) to Australia. So two years as a missionary in southern Ecuador are over, I am back home in Australia … with a job to boot! And it’s strange because it’s been quite easy to slip back seamlessly into life here, … Continue reading return to Oz

teaching the Word

I’ve missed solid Bible teaching, both hearing it and teaching. It’s funny how I feel more enseñada (accustomed, at home) here in Loja city than in Gonzanamá, and I’m generally content with how things are going with my ministry (in spite of frustrations I know are a natural part of being in ministry) – but this element has been a little lacking. Out in the … Continue reading teaching the Word

domingo dot points

Exhausted after weekend kids programme in Portete Got a long email from C which made me absolutely bawl my eyes out Leaning towards Loja Have been praying and talking through this a fair bit. Lots of reasons, lots of factors. But I am feeling more at peace about it all, not stressed at all. Getting out of town for a bit tomorrow Going to spend … Continue reading domingo dot points

something serious, something frivolous

Serious thing*: Might be moving to Loja. And staying longer in Ecuador. Completely irrelevant thing: Finally put two and two together. The fact that my window overlooks the backyard means I can both throw banana peels/apple cores directly into the compost and cut my nails – all from the comfort of my own room. That is all. *Yes, it is seriously serious! Details in my … Continue reading something serious, something frivolous

Clash or conform?

Culture clash? Thankfully, I haven’t really experienced culture clash as such. I think having travelled before has helped me adapt to any new situations so that I don’t “feel” cultural differences so markedly. That said, there are certain differences that are mildly inconvenient! The culture here is much more sexual, even from a young age. One example is the tradition of electing reinas (beauty queens), … Continue reading Clash or conform?