So the other day I went downstairs for dinner (as is my daily custom). Casually started eating, as usual. Then one of the boys started talking about the “borrego”. I said “What kind of animal is a borrego?” They pointed out the window. Sheep* in the backyard :O While my mouth was hanging open, the boys started chattering about the farm, maybe shearing the sheep … Continue reading Baa


D-Day. I’m feverish, sweating, sore, no appetite. It hits me all at once that I didn’t want any of this. I never really wanted to be a missionary. I didn’t actually want to come to Ecuador. I wasn’t planning on being away more than a year. What I did say was I want to live my life for You, for Your glory; that I was … Continue reading D-Day

something serious, something frivolous

Serious thing*: Might be moving to Loja. And staying longer in Ecuador. Completely irrelevant thing: Finally put two and two together. The fact that my window overlooks the backyard means I can both throw banana peels/apple cores directly into the compost and cut my nails – all from the comfort of my own room. That is all. *Yes, it is seriously serious! Details in my … Continue reading something serious, something frivolous


It’s a sad irony that the rules designed to protect me and my Christian testimony prevent me from going to church. Okay, so that’s a little simplistic and perhaps misleading. Let me explain. The rules of course don’t say I can’t go to church. In fact, they don’t say anything about church. The rules say I can’t go anywhere alone with a guy. So, say … Continue reading Rules

Clash or conform?

Culture clash? Thankfully, I haven’t really experienced culture clash as such. I think having travelled before has helped me adapt to any new situations so that I don’t “feel” cultural differences so markedly. That said, there are certain differences that are mildly inconvenient! The culture here is much more sexual, even from a young age. One example is the tradition of electing reinas (beauty queens), … Continue reading Clash or conform?

Testimony (Part 2) – Current challenges

[Click here for Part 1] Another three issues relating to Christian testimony have come up in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, that old issue about drinking alcohol again. I asked R and G (two guys from church) their thoughts and they both agreed with the comments I’d heard about people testing you to see if you’re really any different. G is my generation and … Continue reading Testimony (Part 2) – Current challenges