Sport and spirit

Converted introvert I surprised myself the other day. It was another one of those bizarre moments of self-awareness when the reality of my extroversion hit me afresh. It was a Wednesday night like any other; chilly but not as cold as you might expect for late June in Canberra. We were pitted against the top team in the division: first on the ladder vs second. I played … Continue reading Sport and spirit

White heart: My tribute to Real Madrid

On Sunday morning at 4.45am AEST, I was up to watch my beloved Real Madrid play the Champions League final against Atlético Madrid. What. A. Game. With Atlético’s first half goal still standing, a stack of chances missed and full-time played, it crossed my mind that thousands, if not millions, of madridistas are probably out there praying for a goal … is that ridiculous and a complete … Continue reading White heart: My tribute to Real Madrid