How tacos can change your life

I’m not really sure why World Taco Day is a thing. It’s probably just a marketing device to boost sales at restaurants, Mexican or otherwise. The same goes for Taco Tuesdays – why not #TequilaTuesdays? #TeaTuesdays? #TiramisuTuesdays? I don’t understand it, but I’m okay with it. In fact, Taco Tuesdays have become a beloved part of my week. Method: Head to local pub after work. … Continue reading How tacos can change your life

Seeya, Sydney

You cried the day I left. Well, I like to think grey skies and rain spattered across the windshield means I meant something to you. Part of me wants to say you were a detour. But that would be unfair on you and, frankly, inaccurate. My life the novel, and you’re a chapter – no less vital to the story than the ones that preceded you, or the ones that will be … Continue reading Seeya, Sydney

The truth about me and burritos

I’ve been thinking a lot about burritos. Specifically about how I’m slowly, reluctantly, but increasingly boldly, realising that I … well, simply put, I don’t really like them. Cue shock and horror. But – but you lived in Latin America! But – but you speak Spanish! But – but burritos are amazing! … You do like latino food, right? The more I think about it and the more I … Continue reading The truth about me and burritos

Being a tourist in my birth city

Same place, different eyes. We used to come a lot to Kuala Lumpur to visit when I was younger, and I have powerful memories of those experiences. Particularly etched in my memories are the aromas of this place – not just the (incidentally) amazing food, the hawker stalls, but also the scent of shopping malls, the entrance to Chinese restaurants, the faint stench of sewerage … Continue reading Being a tourist in my birth city


Today is domingo de resurrección (Resurrection Sunday). I assumed that’s when the cuaresma (Lent) ends, but apparently the Second Vatican Council changed dates so that Good Friday and the Saturday form part of an Easter triplet, so Lent actually ends on the Friday when we eat fanesca (a thick soup of mixed grains, with fish – a whole lot better than any description can ever … Continue reading Lent

Chile (31 de julio-5 de agosto)

Observations Santiago is a beautiful city. I didn’t think it’d be ugly, sure, but it’s flat, immense, with a river flowing through, and you can see the Andes rising up in the east even from the city centre. It’s also quite European in style and feel. Fantastic for exploring on foot. Chileans really like fast food. And they do a decent job of it. Hot … Continue reading Chile (31 de julio-5 de agosto)