Dressember reflections

After Movember came Dressember, and suddenly it’s January 2018 and I’m in a pair of shorts. I won’t pretend that I have any new appreciation for pants, that it was somehow difficult to wear only dresses – all day, every day – for 31 days. It isn’t like the 40-Hour Famine, where you get a taste of what it means to go without. It isn’t … Continue reading Dressember reflections

Crazy Baptist Girl

Apparently among some of my classmates, I had a reputation as the Crazy Baptist Girl at school. After making the decision to follow Jesus in Year 8, I didn’t start telling all my friends about him, but I did try to “show” my faith in other ways. I wore WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) wristbands, made an ancient history presentation on Moses and the ten plagues … Continue reading Crazy Baptist Girl

miniskirts and thunder thighs

Apparently it’s a good combination here. Go figure. One of my colleagues at El Sendero has commented on my “piernas gorditas” (chubby legs) a couple of times – in a positive light, saying I should wear a mini to show them off. She has thin legs, which in Ecuadorian culture seems to not be the great thing it is back home. But, seeing as I … Continue reading miniskirts and thunder thighs