what i learned from burning my arm

What burning my arm taught me: 1. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will. 2. But it does get worse than it looks initially. 2. EVERYBODY asks you what happened, and then every time you see them afterwards, how your arm’s doing. I’ve started telling an alternative version about trying to break up a fight between two of my suitors, because the … Continue reading what i learned from burning my arm

so easy

… to forget … to be complacent … to slip back into old habits … It’s Lent season again, and I’d wanted to better last year’s effort of going without chocolate and alcohol, but I literally forgot,  because I’d been away the whole carnaval long weekend, got back Ash Wednesday (when Lent officially begins) in the evening and rushed straight to work. And have had … Continue reading so easy

distilling melancholy

Came back to Loja from Quito the day after New Year’s, strangely heavy with melancholy. Similar sensation to coming back to an empty house after touring South America with my sister – though there was no reason that should’ve been the case. Couldn’t quite figure it out, couldn’t quite get to the heart of it, even praying over it. Then last night, an unexpected visit … Continue reading distilling melancholy