communication – ecuadorian style

Yesterday I had the unnerving experience of realising I have been communicating in a very Ecuadorian way – without meaning to at all! The culture here is that when you have a problem with someone, you go tell a mutual friend, who then passes it on to that person. This is very much in contrast with my “If you have an issue with me, tell … Continue reading communication – ecuadorian style

Thoughts about church

I was saying to myself, I believe more in the universal church than in the local church. Then I retracted that because I remembered the local church is a biblical concept. So I re(de)fined my initial statement to I don’t believe in denominations and choosing a church to attend based on geographical location and worship style, because church is so much more than that. Hey, … Continue reading Thoughts about church


It’s a sad irony that the rules designed to protect me and my Christian testimony prevent me from going to church. Okay, so that’s a little simplistic and perhaps misleading. Let me explain. The rules of course don’t say I can’t go to church. In fact, they don’t say anything about church. The rules say I can’t go anywhere alone with a guy. So, say … Continue reading Rules