Trains, Platform 29

Lately I’ve been spending time alone
on the train, with the trains
inside this mind where I am
surrounded by a symphony of synth
senses full, spirit high
glass in one hand, heart in the other
screaming into the void
and it can’t resist me
one with the universe
just a drop in this ocean
but I am invincible.

Music dries up to a foggy morning
dawned to soon, snooze
now smother that groan
and you – what are you doing here
inside my bed
I mean my head
I swear I closed the door
so how did you get in?
You came in on the train, you say
well of course you did
I hate the bloody train.
No, on the plane, you say
well of course you did
because this is an island
I am an island, ain’t no other
way to reach me.

Hell I got so high, now hungover
on these potent twenties of mine
shortly and surely it must be time
I sobered up so pass down another pint
and let’s get off this train
jump out this plane
free-fall into the truth
of me and the depth
of you.

Sydney train station

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