Useful missions info

You can find my top ten things you should know about being a missionary here.

If you have any interest whatsoever in global missions, here are some useful references:

Websites about missions

A Life Overseas
Current and former missionaries serving all over the world share their insights on a whole range of issues that come up in cross-cultural missions. Really great, regular, articles; and you can subscribe to get them sent weekly to your inbox.

Ask a Missionary
And in particular the page “What do missionaries which they had known before they first went?” Fortunately for me, a combination of my pre-departure briefing, having lived overseas before, and my particular personality meant I wasn’t caught off guard by any of these. Still, these are definitely the major traps, worth being aware of and thinking about before you go.

Serving in Mission (SIM)
SIM is the international, interdenominational mission with which I went to serve in Ecuador. The link is to the Australian site, the international site is Here you can find out more about what SIM is and does, where you can serve, etc.


Missions in Ecuador

If you’re interested specifically in Ecuador, this site compiles expat blogs (and they found mine!).

Servants in Ecuador: If you’re interested specifically in Loja, this is my teammates’ blog.


If you have any other random questions, or are interested in hearing more about my experiences as a missionary, check out my Ecuador posts, or write me: suansita [at]

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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