It’s a pleasure to welcome you to my piece of cyberspace. This is a place where I reflect on identity, (expat and post-expat) life, faith, culture and the deeper questions embedded in everyday moments and things.

I’m a KL-born, Canberra-raised, Sydney-based millennial who also spent formative years in Latin America and Spain.

Suansita began back in 2011 when I relocated to Ecuador and later to Bolivia. Never a travel blog, this was for several years an expat blog. My writing is more about the traveller than the travel; it’s about the travelling my mind and soul have done, both abroad and at “home”.

I write about everything from my time abroad, to relationships, pop culture and my work in the nonprofit sector.

Generally I post monthly and occasionally I’ll get two posts out in a month.

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Write to me! I love connecting with new people and perspectives – and I’m also militant about fixing any typos you can find for me!

I’m open to guest posting or collaborations, so please do hit me up.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jacob!
      PS: Totally agree with you about honey outrage and enjoyed your list of things you suck at – I’m gonna steal that one for a (hopefully not too distant) future blog post.

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