counting the days

I shouldn’t be counting the days. But yes – one month before I fly out of here.

I spent the afternoon in, felt myself slipping into poetry, melancholy -mode. A billion words swirling around inside my head but unable to organise themselves into linked phrases. Wondered what life will feel like on the other side of two years of mission in Ecuador. Watched Fast Five to break up the mood.

The boys at church were away on a men’s retreat, so it was up to four of us girls to lead praise and worship this morning. At practice on Tuesday, I really got the vibe that they (meaning general opinion, particularly the guys) wanted us to lead with a music track – but I felt it was important to show that we can do it without them, even if they are talented musicians. And we pulled it off, with four good to mediocre voices, and me on the guitar (definitely mediocre) 🙂

I’m trying not to think of all the things I haven’t done at/with Sendero. And why.

I’ve realised that the vast of majority of my ministry is hanging out with people. And I think that’s fine, it’s how it works – but it doesn’t sell missions. Not sexy enough … We should be more intentional with our hanging out because it’s ministry wherever you are.

I’ve realised that even small victories are really huge victories. Especially when they’re victories for the Kingdom.

I’ve realised that I still need to pray more.

Funny how public transport has come to mark my time here in Loja, as the metro did in Madrid. The growl of the bright red buses. The bus attendants’ voices going nasal as they shout “¡Argelia, Argelia!” and “¡Sauces, Sauces!”, “¡Centro, terminal, Pitas, Sauces!” Late night taxis. Getting hit on by taxi drivers. Getting horned by a string of taxis when you don’t need one, and not being able to hail down a single one when it’s cold and wet and you really need to get somewhere.

This post is really scattered … But that’s where I’m at now.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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