As promised, here are my goals/commitments for the next few months:


  • No coffee
  • Getting up at 7.30am every weekday, regardless of how late I sleep the previous night (whilst this might be no big deal for most people, this is a challenge for me!)

El Sendero ministry – strengthen El Sendero’s reputation as a recognised and trusted youth service

  • Branding. Continue to work on establishing Sendero’s identity and web (Facebook) presence. Create community amongst regulars.
    • 1800 likes on Facebook
    • Client input – participation of clients in shaping the development of Sendero
  • Events. Establish a weekly programme.
    • Fixed events for each day of the week – recognised programme to minimise having to promote for each event
  • Relationships with regular clients.
    • Hang out with regular clients outside of Sendero premises
    • Pass contacts on to David and Sandry, introduce them to friends
  • Sales/finances. Improve efficiency and increase income.
    • Increase average morning income to $50

Church – an established youth ministry built on good foundations

  • Identity.
    • A name, vision, and Facebook page for the ministry
  • Discipleship.
    • At least one discipleship group per youth leader, with a vision to creating a chain/pattern of discipleship
  • Biblical understanding.
    • Each leader, and member of the youth group, able to explain their faith
    • Each leader with a routine for Bible reading, and able to do self study and run bible studies

Relationships – share my life with the people of Loja in such a way that they are blessed, and that there is no doubt that I have come in the name of Jesus.

  • Hospitality.
    • Social gatherings in my house every fortnight
  • Prayer.
    • Pray with my friends (both Christian and non-Christian), actively ask for prayer requests
  • Church.
    • Invite people to church; bring at least one

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