too much of a good thing, not enough of the right thing?

Over the weekend, I came to the realisation that even though I know the Bible well, I am unable to communicate it well.

There’s a combination of factors at play here, I’m not sure which is the most influential:

  • I don’t talk enough about what I am reading, what the Holy Spirit is teaching me in my personal reading;
  • I’ve now been out of regular bible study for six months;
  • I’m no good at memory verses, and haven’t made the effort to memorise;
  • An aversion to mere exposition – thanks to academia, I sometimes feel just repeating what the Bible says is insufficient, when really the Word can very well speak for itself without my interpretation;
  • Perhaps I simply don’t know the Bible as well as I think I do.

A missionary-pastor friend suggested reading simpler, contemporary translations. It’s not a bad idea; and I’m thinking it’s also not a bad idea to go back to basics, because it seems over the years you do kinda get so into the Word and its intricacies and how everything is interwoven, and details, to the point where you stop revising the crux of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Helping a seeker or a new believer study these fundamentals could actually be a good, healthy thing for me too.

On a different, but slightly related note, I’ve also been reflecting on my friendship with JN, JA and M. I praise God for what we have, time to hang out, a really special kind of trust and confidence.

Before J and J came on the scene, M had people over fairly often, young people from different churches, and she used to call it her ministry, el ministerio del juego (“ministry of games”, because it was generally time to play cards or board games) – a safe place and a healthy way to have fun. The membership of the group has changed, and we don’t play games nearly as often now, it’s more coffee and conversation, music. Still awesome.

The thing that made me think was that this last week, we were at M’s place every day of the week. On Monday, L joined us, and on Friday C. But I sense that we all feel that it’s better with just the four of us, the dynamic and atmosphere change with other people there – not so much with one other person, but definitely with three or four.

But it’s still something special. It’s an environment that is attractive to other young people, and we should invite other people in. We should do more spiritual stuff, like bible study and prayer. We should use it to reach out. C said as much, that we should take it further, really develop it as a ministry.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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