week of intensity!

So there are plenty of other people who work far more ridiculous hours, and 7 days a week too. But for me, 9.30am to 10.00pm, Monday to Friday last week, was pretty intense. Friday night I was working the cash register (which I love doing), and I got so mixed up it wasn’t funny. Orders I didn’t print. Items I forgot to put on split orders. Confusion over change. Could not concentrate!

Oh and then I had to be in the city at 8am the next day, for a Skype date which never eventuated, because the internet was down (as usual) at the mission building, and the building where Sendero is doesn’t open till 9ish on Saturdays. But I didn’t go home, because there was a possibility that someone would show for the 10.30am meeting I’d scheduled but which most people had cancelled on. No one came. Then a meeting in the afternoon, that stretched on into a praise and worship session, and giving a guitar lesson.

Sunday, I tried for the second time to find a church called Betel, which apparently is like two blocks from my house. I walked all over, for like an hour, before stumbling on a meeting in a public court which turned out to be a church service. I thought, well, even if this isn’t Betel, it’s some kind of church. Apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus. Or something. Pastor appeared to be single and a little too keen to “share knowledge” with me at a later date. At his house. (I’d commented that the guest pastor’s sermon spent way too much time talking about everything that’s wrong with the world – which anyone can see for themselves – and not enough time looking at what God says in the Bible, what God says our response should be, what Jesus did to fix things).

Went home, made lunch, made lunch for Monday (today), cleaned the house (yuck). Watched “El Orfanato” (The Orphanage). Then a couple of friends came over and we watched “Paul”.

Actually watched a lot of movies lately, even though my weekdays have been full.

Never Let Me Go (good, but not as good as the book)

Napoleon Dynamite (overrated, but his final dance sequence was quite the awesome)

Mirror, Mirror (trite, but I kinda enjoyed it anyway)

Iron Man (long, but Robert Downey Jr is the man)

Abrígate (supposed to be about life and love, but surprisingly and disappointingly shallow; presence of Félix Gómez only slightly makes up for it)

2/3 of Sherlock Holmes (see comments on Iron Man, above)

That’s more movies than I watched in the six months, or even the year, before I left Australia for Ecuador. Go figure.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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