Thoughts about church

I was saying to myself, I believe more in the universal church than in the local church. Then I retracted that because I remembered the local church is a biblical concept. So I re(de)fined my initial statement to I don’t believe in denominations and choosing a church to attend based on geographical location and worship style, because church is so much more than that.

Hey, I don’t even believe in “attending” church – I believe in being a part of church. Choosing a church should be based on your participation; and by “participation”, I mean more than just sitting in the pews or even helping out with the worship band. Choosing a church should be based on how you do life, because after all, you and your brothers and sisters should be doing life together.

What if we had churches classed by ministry focus? Churches that are about missions to Africa, churches that are about young people, churches that are about sports ministry, churches that are about serving the poor?

Could we do this without leaving other needs unmet?

Y’know I think I will be steadfastly non-denominational for life, ironically clinging to my lack of denomination as desperately as many cling to their particular denomination. This is particularly the case here in Loja, where the evangelical church is fairly young and pastors are jealous, and even in SIM’s (intense) programme for equipping pastors, where for the first time leaders from all different churches are coming together to study the Bible, there is often bickering over points of doctrine.

And incidentally – there’s no reason why El Sendero couldn’t become a church, without ever being called a “church” by name. We need to revise the concept and structure of church, and think of better, more dynamic ways, of being the people of God on this earth.

Just a thought. Hope this isn’t noob enthusiasm waiting to be crushed by the cynicism that time and trial bring.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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