So the other day I went downstairs for dinner (as is my daily custom). Casually started eating, as usual. Then one of the boys started talking about the “borrego”.

I said “What kind of animal is a borrego?” They pointed out the window.

Sheep* in the backyard :O

While my mouth was hanging open, the boys started chattering about the farm, maybe shearing the sheep and making wool.

My first thought was: LAMB CUTLETS. With mint sauce.

I’d attach a photo of said sheep but it is somewhere lost in the jungle of growth that is our backyard.

I’m gonna miss Gonza.

I already miss lamb cutlets. With mint sauce.

*This was the first time I’d ever heard this word. I’d learnt “cordero” for sheep and “oveja” for lamb; and here in Ecuador they just don’t tend to talk about sheep, because there pretty much are none. Hence missing lamb.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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