Today is domingo de resurrección (Resurrection Sunday). I assumed that’s when the cuaresma (Lent) ends, but apparently the Second Vatican Council changed dates so that Good Friday and the Saturday form part of an Easter triplet, so Lent actually ends on the Friday when we eat fanesca (a thick soup of mixed grains, with fish – a whole lot better than any description can ever make it sound! Actually, it’s frankly amazing).

Anyway, I’d been wanting to do the lent thing for a while, but I never knew when the dates were. Conveniently, it begins on miércoles de ceniza (Ash Wednesday) which immediately follows carnaval, a festival celebrated all over Latin America. So this year I “gave up” chocolate and alcohol.

Hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it might be, though there were some annoying moments like all but one dessert on the menu containing chocolate, or forgetting to ask them not to put cream and chocolate sauce on my ice cream. And a few times, after lunch, where a square of Cadbury Dairy Milk would not have gone astray!

But now that Lent’s over, I’m not even in any hurry to go down chocolate or booze. Funny that.

Maybe next year I should challenge myself a bit more!

3 thoughts on “Lent

  1. Hello! Sorry haven’t commented in a while, things are just starting to settle down now. Glad you’ve recovered from your fever. The soup looks really yum! No chocolate at Easter would be a challenge, although like you I find that once you give something up you stop missing it. Will be praying for you, and especially for guidance on where / how to serve.


  2. Lent has many times been the jumping off point for me to give something up, the first few days are always the toughest – but one year I went almost 6 months without soda. It’s funny, once you give something up, after a while, you don’t miss it that much.


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