domingo dot points

  • Exhausted after weekend kids programme in Portete
  • Got a long email from C which made me absolutely bawl my eyes out
  • Leaning towards Loja
    • Have been praying and talking through this a fair bit. Lots of reasons, lots of factors. But I am feeling more at peace about it all, not stressed at all.
  • Getting out of town for a bit tomorrow
    • Going to spend two nights out in El Airo, where a Peace Corp couple are working with locals on a coffee tourism project
  • Second moment of cultural confusion yesterday
    • Last Sunday, C had invited me to celebrate her birthday/anniversary with her family. But I felt weird about it, like I’d really be imposing. So I rang to check. I should’ve asked about whether we would do bible study the next day (as we usually, but not always, do) rather than directly about whether I was supposed to be at dinner. She didn’t pick up, so I rang her daughter, who did answer but after a bit the connection apparently cut out. P and M commented to me that people here will often make random invitations like this with no intention to follow up. Then about an hour later they got back in contact with me to say to come at 20.30. I then felt like they felt bad about having invited me with no intention of following up and with no expectation that I would follow up, and now considered themselves obliged to have me over.
    • We had a good, unawkward, time in the end – but I’m still wondering if there was something cultural here I missed, an offence I committed without realising it.

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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