What next?

Past the six month mark and I’m already thinking about what to do after my time here (which, by the way, is still kind of indefinite – I’ve been saying I’ll finish up in August or September).

Naturally, I’d like to go home for a bit. I’ve been talking about doing a trip to Canada to visit relatives, and maybe see something of the States if possible.

Part of me is still uber tempted by the Sojourners internship. A year living and working in Washington DC, with a bunch of other young people, looking at how faith and social justice interact, getting discipleship and some good exposure and experience. Starts early September.

On the other hand, I did want to be home for my 26th birthday … really getting old! That’s another reason I’m not sure about the internship. I kinda feel that by this stage I should be done with internships and into some real work.


Whatever “real work” means. What I’m saying is I feel I have enough experience (life and work) now to start building something properly. I don’t mean start climbing some career ladder. I mean start some life project for God.

I guess the fact I’m even speaking this way is a pretty good indication that I currently don’t think long-term mission is the path for me. Not in this form anyway. My time here has shown me that yes God has really equipped me to serve cross-culturally and/or overseas. But I wasn’t passionate about evangelism before I left, and I’m no more impassioned now.

Some of the things I’m good at and/or passionate about:

-learning languages

-surviving (and maybe even thriving to an extent :D) overseas

-cultural sensitivity and adaptability

-communicating and interacting with new people and acquaintances, personally and professionally

-being chill (coping with stress :P)

-navigating organisational management/HR stuff

-education and teaching

-helping those less fortunate

-just generally helping!

Need to pray for more direction. This was one of my reasons for coming here on mission, and I’ve gotten some good “directions” – I just don’t have a route yet, the next stop(s) for me here on earth. Even if I know my final destination.

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