More of the Word?

Today it occurred to me that maybe I need to embrace the Word of God more.

Working on my mission one-pager I realised that it would be fitting to include a Bible verse, but I couldn’t think of one that fit. The last couple of weeks at one of my bible study groups, my application has been related to speaking the Word more (we’ve been looking at Ephesians), based on these bits:

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. (5:19)
Take … the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (6:17)

I do know and love the Word. I’ve been reading the Bible regularly for eleven years (and lately, I’ve been reading before I eat – Lindsey’s suggestion – and that’s been a really cool experience) and I have some understanding and appreciation of biblical theology. I have passages I love for what they say about God or even just their literary quality.

It’s just I couldn’t roll them off the top of my head. I’m terrible at quoting. Movies, books, whatever it may be. I have a good memory, but not in a word-for-word way – I work more with concepts and themes.

But I wonder whether this is limiting the power of the Word through me. Maybe I should go against my usual style and inclinations, so that I have an explicit answer from the Bible for every question or issue, in every situation, that may arise. (Instead, I tend to say “There’s that bit of Romans that talks about how …”)

Reflecting on this, it seems to me that the way I have seen evangelism taught is heavily reliant on this kind of precise memory and knowledge of the Bible. Even in sermons about the Word preachers tend to use anecdotes about those who don’t own a copy of the Bible – the poor, the illiterate – commit the words to memory because they love it so much.

Is there another way?

Any comments, thoughts? I'd love to hear from you :)

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